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What We Do

What We Do

Taylored Alliances was founded and is managed by Barb Taylor Carpender, CMM, CHSC and is comprised of complementary professional service providers.  Our objective is to work collaboratively with you to advance your business goals.  


Our primary efforts are focused in the area of assisting our clients with their customer engagement programs.  We support those efforts through:  


  • Advisory Board Development, Management and Facilitation*

  • Strategic Board Retreat Facilitation

  • Focus Groups

  • Strategic Planning Programs

  • Webinar Management and Moderation

We are also able to support our clients through additional service offerings through our network of associates.  This allows us to extend and complement our core services for our clients.  The Taylored Alliances associates are carefully chosen based upon their individual skill sets and their ability to produce targeted results for our clients.  


  • Executive Coaching

  • Sales & Marketing Training

  • Brand Development

  • Social Media Strategies

  • Website Development

  • Small Business Financial Management


*A primary alliance has been formed between Taylored Alliances and Global Marketing Services, Inc. (GMS) whose core business is the formation and facilitation of advisory boards. 

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